Web Design, Build & Development

In the 21st Century it is said that e-commerce is dead and multi-channel is very much the way forward, so a professional mobile friendly website which converts is paramount to starting your digital strategy.

Magento e-Commerce Specialists

If you’re serious about selling online, then you cannot get any more serious than the Magento e-commerce platform. Our team are expert Magento developers and can provide your business with a range of services and support.

Digital Marketing

Building your website is just the first part of the process, once it’s online you’ve got to get people to come to you, digital marketing is the process of finding, acquiring and retaining your customers.  Whether you run an online store or a blog your website will need to obtain traffic and more importantly traffic […]

Branding, Print & Graphic Design

Every great business starts with a unique and exciting logo. A logo gives your company a sense of identity and gives your customers something to remember you by. E3 Digital specialise not just in logo design but the development of a brand which will put your business above the competition. Branding Branding goes a lot […]

E3 Digital is a digital agency located in Torquay, Devon. Providing innovative digital marketing and websites. We work with a range of businesses from a range of industries including start-ups and established companies.

Latest News from E3 Digital

Fab Friday Links Week 18

This week, I started noticing that the lighter nights were coming back.  Anyone else starting to notice a slight change in the time the sun is setting? It is a shame that the same can’t be said for the mornings, as they still seem to be even more darker than normal. Anyway, guaranteed to shed […]

Partners: How to get your customers to buy more

In a previous blog post we discussed how to get your customers to renew.  In this post we’re going to take a look some ideas to increase your customers order value by buying more. Up-selling and cross selling are both examples of methods that you can use to get people to buy more. However both […]

How important is UK support to your customers?

Each week I like to set myself a challenge when it comes to my blog posting. Today, being Monday and being someone that quite enjoys the headache good thinking can cause, I figured I’d try to answer whether UK support is important for your customers. So is UK support important to your customers? – read […]

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