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Promoting your website

5 tips to promoting your website online

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Once you’ve your built your website you are only half way through the digital process.  You now need to think about promoting your website to get traffic coming in.  In our previous blog post we talked about search engine optimisation, which is a bit of a slow process to gaining website traffic, however there are things you can do right now to start getting traffic to your website.

This list is by no means exhaustible and you should always have your website on all of your promotional material and there are also far more digital methods that you can try to build traffic.

Reciprocal link exchanges

The simplest method of building up traffic is via reciprocal link exchanges.  This will help promote your website address on different websites and also build up a bit of a pool of back links.  However, you should target websites which have good authority within Google and if possible contribute to the website via a blog post or a piece of valuable content.

Google, also likes websites which naturally link to you, these are websites who have taken the time to read your content and have liked it that much they have decided to link to your content in a blog post or in another form.

Join forums and discussions

Forums are a fantastic way of getting traffic to your website, at one time of day popping your website address in your signature would immediately gain you traffic.  However, Google’s guidelines on this is that you should optimise the signature so that it is relevant to your website, example could well be

Steve Insurance
Bristol based Fiction Insurance

Buying a piece of software which will give you 100,000s thousands of backlinks from a range of different forums is not the best practice and Google may adjust your own rankings accordingly.

Promoting your website

E-mail marketing 

By rights your digital agency will have created a holding page for your website whilst it was being built, with a nice call to action such as an e-mail subscribe option.  Gaining a pool of e-mail addresses for your website is vital to helping you promote the website when you go live.

So sign yourself up to one of the many hundreds of E-mail marketing clients out there example could be Mailchimp or Aweber and create a branded newsletter to begin gaining traffic.

Promoting your website via e-mail marketing is a great way to help customer retention and to bring old visitors back for another look.

Submit your site to key directories

Submit your website to key directories including the likes of Dmoz , which may take some time to appear on, be patient.  You should also look for localised and relevant directories to submit your website to, be warned, however, that you don’t submit your website to millions of none relevant directories as this might not be best practice and could result in Google marking your website lower down.

Submitting your website to these key directories is another fantastic method of promoting your website, however this will take sometime.

Paid advertising (PPC)

You may have heard the term PPC or come across people who use these terms.  PPC stands for Pay Per Click this is essentially paid advertising or paid promotion.  The most popular systems used is Google Adwords, this allows you to create a specific campaign to target pages within your website.

PPC has come a long way over the years, Google has since dropped the right hand side adverts on its search results pages and your advert will now appear at the top on the left.  Paid advertising is a great way to build an initial traffic flow, but be warned if you get it wrong you may see a higher bounce rate.

These are just a few methods that you can use to promote your website.

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on 14th May 2016

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