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7 Reasons you really need an SSL for your website

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If you’re thinking that in 2018 it is acceptable to launch a website without an SSL certificate, think again.

One of the major updates that Google has put a lot of emphasis on is this concept of a secure search and in turn secure websites.

It’s not surprising that over 33% of all people that come in to contact with a request for information, whether it be a name, e-mail address or credit card information will looking for the a green padlock.  No padlock, no information from your customers and the chances are no sales.

We’ve got 7 reasons why you really need an SSL certification for your website.


Trust is a huge barrier to buying anything online.

Whether it be a brand that you know and love, or a company you’re buying from for the first time.

Buying anything online, even today, is still felt to be a little risky.  Assuring your customers that not only  your website is secure but also you will treat their personal data securely is vital.

Pop an SSL certificate onto you website and prove to your customers you are brand that they can trust

Google Rankings

Google’s recent update has made it clear that if you have an SSL certificate you will be considered a more viable source than a website without one.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website will give you a slight Google ranking bonus, however, don’t expect it to be the missing element as to why you’re not on page one yet.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which makes reference to pseudonymisation.

Put simply, it is how you secure your system is.  This is measure from how you store a persons information, through to the method in which you got that information.  It all depends on your interpretation of the world pseudonymisation

Installing an SSL certificate on your website means that data from your website is transmitted securely, meaning that in the event of it being intercepted the data should, in theory, be encrypted.

More conversions

More conversions can mean more sales, more leads and so on.  Having an SSL certificate on your website has been known to contribute to greater conversions rates.  It makes your website appear more trustworthy and this will have an impact on how your client perceives and interacts with your website.

One over on your competitors

There are millions of websites, and as already mentioned Google will grant you a small boost to your website rankings if you have an SSL certificate.  Appearing higher up on Google’s good boy list is vital if you are to attract visitors and in turn customers to make use of your website and/or product.


SSL certificates give your website a sense of authority and as this grows you can be sure people will want to link to your website and/or offer you new opportunities.  As a website developer you can take advantage of these opportunities and add a small e-shop to your website.  Essentially to take advantage of these opportunities you are going to need an SSL certificate that encrypts personal data such as names and addresses of your customers.

It’s not going to cost the earth

Believe it or not SSL certificates don’t cost the earth and you can get started from as little as £49.99 for a bog standad SSL certificate.  For businesses that want to provide more security your costs will increase but so will the level of assurance and security.

What’s more if you’re an E3 Digital customer we can set up and install the SSL certificate on your server for you, no hassle, no mess.



in Security
on 27th November 2017

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