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Should I keep a blog?

Posted By: on 22nd November 2016

Yesterday saw the launch of the latest domain name extension, .blog. Businesses, charities and individuals all keep blogs, they are kind of like diaries and are a great way to keep your website alive with fresh content. The question, of whether or not you should keep a blog can be answered with one word, yes….

Eight common blogging mistakes

Posted By: on 12th September 2016

You’ve just been told by your CEO that he wants to move into blogging, or rather he wants you, as head of the marketing department, to dive into blogging on a massive scale. It is really easy to get started in the world of blogging, believe us we’ve been writing blog posts for a very,…

Benefits of running a blog

Posted By: on 12th May 2016

It is said that in a typical day over 2 million blog posts are published, this blog post is just one of those 2 million. But what are the benefits of running a blog?   What do we get out of writing our articles for our visitors on a daily basis? The long and short answer is…

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