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3 Top Tips to increase your e-mail marketing open rate

Posted By: on 29th April 2018

I was recently at a exhibition in Exeter and met a lovely chap who was promoting his direct mail marketing service. He asked the question, what do you do with an e-mail that comes into your inbox that you don’t recognise? I answered, it depends on where it has come from, if its got an…

10 Killer E-mail Marketing Subjects

Posted By: on 16th February 2017

I’ve not long got back into the office after a meeting with a client. I do love meeting both existing and new clients, hearing their background stories and resolving their website issues. I had planned a different title to this post, initially I was going with 10 Winter E-mail marketing subjects However, given there is…

Top Five Common E-mail Marketing Errors

Posted By: on 17th October 2016

When it comes to e-mail marketing it might feel that  it really is a case of hoping you hit the right audience at the right time. In this very small post we take a look at five of the common e-mail marketing errors that you really want to avoid. No permission The worse thing you…

10 Reasons for using e-mail marketing

Posted By: on 1st June 2016

We’ve recently had a look at how e-mail marketing can be used to help improve customer retention.  In this article we’re going to explore the top 10 reasons for using e-mail marketing for your business.  In 2016, there are hundreds, potentially thousands of e-mail marketing applications out there, from Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor to Aweber and beyond.  They all do pretty much…

How is your email etiquette?

Posted By: on 15th May 2016

In a world of social networks, instant messaging and webinars keeping in contact via e-mail may seem like very much an old school method.  However, over 100 billion e-mails are sent every day, making it the world’s most popular form of communication in the world. Now there are both right and wrong ways of sending…

Top 5 e-mail marketing ideas for customer retention

Posted By: on 7th May 2016

Let’s be honest whether you run an online store, a blog or a portfolio website, your end target is always to convert those visitors into customers, e-mail marketing is a great way to start this process.  Gaining new customers for any business always requires more work than keeping your current customers happy. E-mail marketing is…

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