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Optimise your website for local SEO: Technical Conisderations

Posted By: on 22nd December 2016

In our final part of the optimise your website for local SEO series we take a look at the technical considerations that you need to think about. It is uncommon if not never to come across a business owner who does not want to be found via the search engines using Google. Even Google’s own mission…

Optimise your website for local SEO: User Experience

Posted By: on 21st December 2016

Similar to how it is easier to sell your products to your current customers so it is also true that it is easier for you to get your current website visitors to convert. Like most website owners you probably spend a lot of your time trying to build up traffic to your website, but how…

Optimise your website for local SEO: Website Organisation

Posted By: on 20th December 2016

In our second part in our series of optimising your website for local SEO we take a look at your websites architecture. Website architecture refers to the hierarchy and arrangement of pages that appear on your website. Ensuring your website has good site architecture will set your website up for long term success and will…

Optimise your website for local SEO: Content

Posted By: on 19th December 2016

When it comes to your website, no matter which way you paint it, content is the life blood of digital marketing success. Content, is a lot more than just words on a page, it defines your businesses social media fans, followers you choose to associate with, how visitors engage with your website and finally which…

Optimise your website for local SEO

Posted By: on 15th November 2016

When it comes to local search, that is search within your local area.  Your business needs to be easily found and well placed. Directories such as Google Maps, and Bing Places are just two of the millions of other directories and website listing applications out there. have a fantastic web application to enable you…

Rank no 1 on Google without content or links

Posted By: on 3rd October 2016

Over the years there have been a lot of changes that Google has implemented to ensure we get the very best and accurate search results. One time of day you would of been able to register a new domain name, with keywords, that you wanted to use carefully hidden within the domain name itself. Unfortunately…

Increase your ROI with negative keywords

Posted By: on 10th August 2016

Surely the idea of a PPC campaign is to drive traffic to my website so that I generate revenue through my website? Well yes that is partially true, however with every PPC campaign comes much responsibility, queue Yoda voice. If you think about what you log onto Google to search for, sometimes its for research,…

What is inline linking and how can my website benefit?

Posted By: on 23rd June 2016

You will have heard the term or at least been told that blogging on your website isn’t so much an option but more a necessity if you want to rank on the search engines like Google. Blogging is an effective way of digitally marketing your business to help keep your customers up to date and…

Google’s latest update, what your business needs to do

Posted By: on 11th June 2016

The God of search, that would be Google, has recently unveiled a new update that could penalise your business and affect where your website appears in the search results.  The latest update affects websites which are considered to have “poor content”.  The update is also going to affect websites which are none mobile friendly or responsive….

Top 5 SEO myths to avoid

Posted By: on 6th June 2016

So have you heard the term SEO?  We would be shocked if you answered no to this question most businesses and website masters would of, at some point, looked into or had a bash at SEO.  Whilst people may have heard of the term they may not necessarily know what it means or even what makes…

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