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Cracking the web developer code

Posted By: on 9th June 2016

You are on your way to meet the agency or freelance web developer you have hired to do your job.  Mr Smith said he was awesome, a real nice bloke and he seemed to really understand my needs as a business.  So on your way to the meeting you’ve geared up what your going to…

Writing an online survey

Posted By: on 8th June 2016

When it comes to doing your market research at some time or other you will make use of a survey.  At one time of day, before people had really started making use of the Internet, you used to see people in the middle of your local town centre with a clipboard, often with half of…

Top 5 frequently asked website project questions

Posted By: on 4th June 2016

We’ve been in the industry for over 12 years and we have met businesses at all kinds of levels, from the small start-ups in their back rooms through to large global organisations with bespoke offices.  However, most of them all share a common theme, they all want answers to the following website project questions. How…

Buying a new website? Make sure you get the value you deserve

Posted By: on 3rd June 2016

When it comes to finding a website developer there are hundreds if not thousands of different agencies, freelancers and even student designers/developers all looking to put your business online. However with so much competition in the market place, ensuring you get value for your initial website investment can be a little tricky.  With this in…

Should you really click here?

Posted By: on 24th May 2016

How often do you see the words “click here” on a website?  Quite a lot yes, and in fact even when we were at University we were often told to use this as a way of directing people to what do.  Luckily we have moved on from the 1990s and now it’s more about the…

Test your website on a iPhone

Posted By: on 23rd May 2016

Ensuring your website works on an iPhone along with a range of other mobile devices is vital to your business. We talk a lot about your website being mobile friendly, there are varying reasons for this but the main one is because that is how a lot of customers will be accessing your website.  Most…

Don’t lose visitors create custom 404 pages

Posted By: on 17th May 2016

Whether you’re a veteran of Internet usage or just starting out online, at some point you are going to find yourselves faced with the dreaded “404” page.  What is a 404? We hear you cry, a 404 is essentially a page which is generated by a web server when a resource or file cannot be…

Creating and Running a Successful Forum

Posted By: on 16th May 2016

It may seem a little odd, certainly today with the likes of Facebook and Twitter now the social giants of the digital world, to create a forum.  However, over our 12 years of experience we have come across and ran forums of various sizes on a variety of platforms.  Now when it comes to your…

The benefits of using a Content Management System

Posted By: on 10th May 2016

In our latest article we’re taking a look at some of the benefits of using a content management system as oppose to using the traditional approach. We discuss plugins, security and more.

The Importance of Reliable Web Hosting

Posted By: on 9th May 2016

Web Hosting, a term commonly used when in a meeting with new clients.  Hosting is essentially the process of putting your website onto a server which is then accessible via a domain name.  Commonly referred to as just hosting it is an important part of the process of website design as without it people wouldn’t be…

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