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What goes into designing a brand?

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Morning, least I think that’s what time we’re on.

This weekend I have been handling a server migration which is essentially for the company so that it can handle larger and more complex websites.

When it came to blogging today, I did wonder what to write about.

I could of told you all about the server migration, how it went blah blah blah.

But I felt that would just turn you off.

So, I’m hoping this will awaken your creative juices on a Monday morning.

Why a brand and not a logo?

Oooh!! That’s a good one, I like to think, that here at E3 Digital we don’t design logos we create brands.

There is a major difference between a logo and a brand.

The difference between the 2 is a logo is your recogniseable symbol where as your brand is your relationship with the logo.


Here at E3 Digital we can not only produce a very attractive, memorable and relationship focused logo but also the collateral for your customers to interact with you.

Get the right logo for your brand

What goes into designing a brand? 

First off lets scale this right back, grab yourself a pen and a ream of paper.

Now on your piece of paper think about your target audience, your industry, your businesses culture, it’s pedigree and so on.

Keep on going until you’ve narrowed your industry demographic, business and more down to a fine art.

Note how we’ve not even started with a pencil and paper drawing.

There is a big reason for this, and we’ll get to that in a minute.

Sketch it out

Before you even consider jumping onto your desktop, sit down and sketch out the design.

What’s it going to look like? What colours will you use? What do these colours communicate with your audience?

Continue with this line of questioning until you are happy, if necessary return back to your first piece of work.

The more time you spend in designing your logo the more time you will save when it comes to the brand.

Now, you’ve got a basic understanding of the colours and you’ve drawn some pretty fancy sketches let’s fire up your desktop.

Use Adobe Indesign

When it comes to good branding, your really don’t want to be using Photoshop as this limits what you can and can’t achieve with your design.

So fire up Adobe Indesign and begin to draw out your design that you have sketched out.

Once done, fill it with the colours and come up with 3 different concepts.

Now how do they look?
Branded watch in box

The Branding Bit

Now once you have a logo, now comes the really exciting part you get to pop it on every kind of piece of material you have.

People normally start with business cards, why?  Because they are the most affordable and they are great to give out at networking meets.

But don’t stop there.  Here’s a list of places where your logo should appear:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles (all of them)
  • Premises Signage (if you have one)
  • Company stationary (Business cards, compliment slips, letter heads)
  • Advertising materials
  • Roller banners (we love these)
  • Event signage
  • Your car
  • Internal/External documents
  • Mugs (we love these too)
  • Marketing collateral (brochures, flags, pens, note pads)
  • Clothing
  • Tattoo (for some industries)

You can even go as far as having your premises painted in your colours and complete with complimentary colours that keep consistency with your brand.

Brand Guidelines

Are vital if you have a lot of designers working on your logo or if you want to ensure consistency across platforms that feature your logo.

Brand guidelines outline the logo, padding, typography, colours and a whole host of other information that will ensure other people follow your branding requirements down to a fine art.

Brand up your design on your desktop

We almost forgot, think before you design

Over the years I have seen logos that are just that logos.

I have seen companies that have invested millions in a beautiful looking logo but their message to their audience isn’t quite right.

I said earlier I’d get back to why you don’t jump right into designing a logo.

A logo is the most significant part of any business collateral that you will have produced.

Get it wrong and your brand will suffer as a consequence, spend time on your logo, don’t cut corners and if you’re ever unsure we know a great digital agency that can help.

Think before you design and nurture your brand over the years as your business and client base grows.

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on 20th February 2017

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