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Fab Friday Links Week 33

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We’ve not quite been blown away by the force 9 gales that have been blowing outside this week here in the somewhat blowy yet sunny English Riviera.

However, the fact that I am delivering the Fab Friday Links on a Sunday evening will give you some indication as to our current work load.  We’re busy with some pretty new and exciting clients, white label projects and also our internal website.

So to get your week off to a positive start take a look at this weeks Fab Friday links.

  1. UGC is content marketing gold 
  2. Why branding your invoices can make a huge difference to your bottom line
  3. Top tech stats: Bad tech experiences, search engine concerns and more
  4. 10 ways to write better social media content
  5. How to make an animated GIF a guide for marketers
  6. 5 simple additions to make your blog better
  7. Why e-commerce SEO is not a one shot wonder
  8. 7 Automated emails your e-commerce store needs to be sending
  9. Best free JS libraries custom radios and checkboxes 
  10. The new rules for scrolling in web design
  11. 20 Best JavaScript notification plugins
  12. 22 Movies and shows every designer should watch on Netflix
  13. 4 Reasons why cyber insurance is good for small business
  14. Why has wearable tech failed to catch on?
  15. How to make an app?

That about rounds up this weeks reading material for us.  Spot something you think we should include in our weekly round up?  Drop us an email on and we’ll take a look.

in E3 Digital
on 7th May 2017

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