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Fab Friday Links Week 38

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The Friday’s are coming on thick and fast, this weekend is a particularly special one as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK.

Think I heard on the radio that it is also the last Bank Holiday before Christmas which just so happens to be another 4 months away, so now is the time to start shopping if you’re a consumer and preparing if you’re an online retailer.

So dust off the barbecue, grab yourself a beer and enjoy this weeks Fab Friday round up.

  1. 10 New web design tools for August 2017
  2. How Amazon successfully markets new tech and what you can learn from them
  3. Email marketing tips and best practices from The Beatles [INFOGRAPHIC]
  4. 20 Ways to write engaging content that will not bore your readers [INFOGRAPHIC]
  5. 10 Customer experience mistakes you should avoid
  6. 14 Things to consider when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS
  7. How to craft the perfect resume as an IT professional
  8. 5 Steps to dealing with hate in social media and customer service
  9. 24 Hot tools and apps for social media marketers 
  10. 7 Biggest PPC nightmares sinking your ROI
  11. Crazy sliders 10 ways of taking slides to the next level
  12. Showcase of websites with illustrated backgrounds
  13. Five steps to successful B2B influencer marketing
  14. 10 Of the best free Udemy courses for designers
  15. 101 web design blogs you need to follow in 2017

That’s about it for this week, don’t forget it is a bank holiday weekend so that means beer and BBQs on stand by in case we have sunshine.

Don’t forget if you spot an article or a resource that you think belongs on our Fab Friday links round up to drop us an email on

Have a great weekend.

in E3 Digital
on 25th August 2017

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