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Fab Friday Links Week 39

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39th week, where has that time gone, in fact, it’s probably longer as we did miss a fair few weeks out for one reason or another.

This week I’ve been quite focused on ensuring everything is E3 Digitalised, i.e ensuring consistency across the board. ┬áManaged to finalise a social media plan for the beginning of this quarter too only to realise that we’re going to need to get one sorted for the beginning of October, a job for this week.

Also this week I’ve been looking out for new networking opportunities and places for me to show up and introduce the company to.

All in all, a focused if not trying week.

One thing I’d recommend you do try and that is this week’s Fab Friday links.

  1. 49 Tips and strategies for successful holiday marking campaigns
  2. Measuring food related discussions on twitter [Infographic]
  3. CSS drop down menu tutorial
  4. How to fix WordPress 500 internal server error
  5. 6 Steps to earning leads on LinkedIn
  6. 9 Things you need to know before buying a franchise
  7. How to create testimonial videos
  8. Boosting traffic: strategies for increasing traffic to your blog
  9. 6 Reasons why your blog needs a newsletter
  10. 9 Things you need to know before buying a franchise
  11. 8 Steps to a successful 90 days as a B2B CMO
  12. 25 Detailed tutorials for coding up web designs
  13. 7 New typography tools for 2017
  14. Augmented Reality: Where are we now and what does it mean for marketers?
  15. Autumn wallpapers to keep you inspired this September

That about covers this week.

Big thanks to all those that have sent in articles this week to us, we have included a couple of these in this week’s Fab Friday round up. Have a great weekend and if you spot an article that you think belongs in our Fab Friday links to send it into us at

in E3 Digital
on 1st September 2017

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