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Is your website getting noticed?

How are you doing on Google find out with our Free SEO audit tool 

Instant Free Audit

The E3 Digital website audit will tell you how your website is performing in an easy to view snapshot.

The report will provide you with a checklist of the items that need your attention as well as providing you with an on-page analysis of each of the landing pages you load in.

It will also give you an overall page grade between 0 and 100%.  Allowing you to view how much work is needed on your website to increase it’s capabilities to rank online.

Site Health Check

Think of the FREE SEO website audit as an MOT for your website.

Providing you with an overview of the speed, mobile analysis and a whole lot more.  The report will give you an overall score as well as notes on how to improve your organic search rankings.

Metrics such as how fast your website pages are loading in seconds, their size and the number of http request that are being completed all have a bearing and impact on your visitors experience on visiting your website.

Check your social media with our SEO audit tool

Update your website with our SEO audit tool

How does it work

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Add the website address of your web page (similar to Google we only analyse one page of your website at a time)
  2. Enter the keword you want to be found for
  3. Pop in an e-mail address so can send you an e-mail of the free report
  4. Hit the scan now button
  5. Repeat for each page and keyword

Once done you will be presented with your report and we will also ping it over to you via e-mail, so you can have a copy and get started right away.


Review how your website is doing in comparison to that of your competition.

The free audit report will tell you what they’re doing better and how you can improve in order to gain an advantage.

Find out how you compare competition with our SEO audit tool

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