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The Importance of Reliable Web Hosting

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Web Hosting, a term commonly used when in a meeting with new clients.  Hosting is essentially the process of putting your website onto a server which is then accessible via a domain name.  Commonly referred to as just hosting it is an important part of the process of website design as without it people wouldn’t be able to access your website, buy from you or even interact with your business.

Where your website is hosted is vitally important, also, hosting in another country except for the one you live in will result in two things

  1. different laws
  2. a drop in your Google Rankings, ah that doesn’t sound good.

The wise and all-knowing Google knows who you are using for your web hosting and where they are based.  Google also knows where you are based.  So if you’re thinking of launching a UK website on a US server – forget it.  Sure, the US have cheaper shared server space and their up-time isn’t too shabby, but you will not benefit from any kind of UK Google ranking.

UK Hosting for UK websites is exactly the principle that you should adopt, hosting anywhere else can result in poor uptime, variety of law issues, drop in Google rankings and we have heard of people having their websites hacked or even black listed by Google altogether, game over.

E3 Digital can provide UK website hosting at a very competitive price and we would certainly invite you to contact us to find out more about our UK hosting service.


in Websites, Your Business
on 9th May 2016

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