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What is inline linking and how can my website benefit?

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You will have heard the term or at least been told that blogging on your website isn’t so much an option but more a necessity if you want to rank on the search engines like Google.

Blogging is an effective way of digitally marketing your business to help keep your customers up to date and it also gives the search engines fresh content to read.

What is inline linking?

When you came onto this article did you notice that we had linked “digitally marketing your business” text to our digital marketing page?

Inline linking is normally a couple of links that are well placed in your article which takes the reader to other parts of your website.

Why would you do this?

When a spider crawls your website it makes a note of the content and the structure of the website, it also looks out for any links to other parts of your website.  It will go to the page your linking to and this in turn will result in the spider forming relevance between the two articles.

It is for this reason that you should be using inline linking.

Inline Linking and why you should do it


Search engine spiders stay longer and also understand the types of content that your website publishes.

How can it help my website?

Imagine that you are a spider coming onto your website, as you arrive you read through lots of content and you realise this is unique.  A well placed link to one of your other pages or blog posts on your website will tell the spider to go to the next link and it will also make the spider stay a little longer on your website


Keep the number of links on your post down to a minimum of 1 or 2.  You don’t want your page to be seen as SPAM.

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in Search Engine Tips
on 23rd June 2016

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