How many people are still using IE6?

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Remember the horrendous buggy and uncontrollable Internet Explorer 6?  We do.

Over 10 years ago I was sat in a lecture theatre listening to our Professor give a lecture on the importance of ensuring your website fits all browsers and that included, yes you guessed it, Internet Explorer 6.

Back then there were far more people using the ancient technology, some people hadn’t or didn’t even know how to upgrade their computer systems to the latest version of IE.  Some chose not to because, well because they were unable to escape IE6.

Today, almost 10 years on most browsers, Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Internet Explorer now support the box model that initially started all the way back in the early 90s.  That doesn’t mean to say that all browsers are created equal.

So what happened to Internet Explorer 6 and how many people in the world are still using this old piece of technology, I thought I’d have a nose.

The most recent data I could find dates back to 2015 and back then there was still 0.99% of the worlds population still using Internet Explorer 6, lets take put that into a realistic number:

The world population in 2015 was 7.2bn people (2015), that’s a lot of people.

0.99% of these is using Internet explorer which is the equivalent of: 71 million people (rounded up).

Let’s allow for a couple of years of fluctuation and people updating their systems so let’s guesstimate there are still around 40 million people still using IE6 globally.

Recent reports from W3C have shown that IE6 is not making it into its top 10 browsers but, the fact this technology is still be used is remarkable.


in Tech News
on 22nd August 2017

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