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optimise your website for local seo organisation

Optimise your website for local SEO: Website Organisation

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In our second part in our series of optimising your website for local SEO we take a look at your websites architecture.

Website architecture refers to the hierarchy and arrangement of pages that appear on your website.

optimise your website for local seo organisation

Ensuring your website has good site architecture will set your website up for long term success and will allow both users and search engines to understand what your most important content is and organise it accordingly.

In this article we give you 5 tips to ensure that both search engines and users have the quickest and easiest time in finding the most important content on your website:

Content is king

Remember that content, no matter how it is utilised, is king of the web.

Your content needs to follow a certain criteria to be even with a chance of being ranked by the search engines.

So ensure you make use of at least 300 words, imagery, structured content ( and headings.

Within your content you will need to include your key phrases, but ensure you don’t stuff your content with the same keyphrase as this will result in your content being ranked down.

So ensure you remember content is king and you make your content interesting, genuine and unique as possible.

Link important content from your home page

Consider the layout of a shop.

You wouldn’t hide your best sellers that month at the back of the store. ¬†You would make it easier and as quick for your customers to find what is hot this month.

The same goes for content and pages, so ensure that your front page has links to content that is most important.

Search engines consider links from your homepage to inner content to be more contextually important and rank them accordingly.

Important content in your navigation

If your page is not included in your navigation, then how do you expect search engines to find it let alone users.

Luckily the search engines are smart enough to understand that if a page does not appear in your websites primary navigation, it’s not likely to be regarded as important by either robots or humans.

So ensure your primary navigation has links to your most important product or service categories as well as contact page(s).

Important pages linked to and from within content of other pages

Links that appear in your content are also seen as critical by Google.

These links along with the content within your pages determine what your page will be ranking for.

So within your website you will want to use inline linking to cross-page content from other sections of your website. All of this will have a bearing on where your website appears in the Google.

Dedicated Pages for multiple locations

One of the most critical areas to success with being found locally is ensuring you have dedicated pages for each of the locations that you operate in.  Google likes dedicated pages to be filled with the most basic of information including the name, address, telephone information, hours of operating and driving directions.

If you operate in different countries ensure you snap up the relevant domain name for the specific country.

in Search Engine Tips, Your Business
on 20th December 2016

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