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Optimise your website for local SEO

Posted In: Search Engine Tips, Your Business

When it comes to local search, that is search within your local area.  Your business needs to be easily found and well placed.

Directories such as Google Maps, and Bing Places are just two of the millions of other directories and website listing applications out there.

Looking locally requires local SEO have a fantastic web application to enable you to look at whether your business is appearing on some or all of the local directories, if you’re not on any of these then you need to think about submitting your business to them ASAP.

When we think about our website you really need to think about it as being at the centre of all of your other digital activity.

Your social presence, local listing, email campaigns are not half as important to the long term success of your business and your website.

Over the next few days we’re going to be publishing  a series of articles that will relate to the following areas:


Writing about your business can sometimes prove to be a bit of a bind and certainly a time sap.  In this section we look at how you can create great content for your website.

Your Business

Ensuring your business provides the most easiest of times finding the content on your ebsite is vital.  Here we will give you a few pointers on how you can do this.

User Experience

Users can be turned on and turned off relatively quickly.  If your website isn’t converting visitors into customers then you need to take a look at this section.

Technical attributes

Ensuring your website is performing well and has a clean bit of health is essential for any business.  In this section we take a look at the technical area of your website and provide some pretty good tips.

Our goal here is to give local businesses a clear set of steps to begin optimising their website for use with search engines and users a like.


in Search Engine Tips, Your Business
on 15th November 2016

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