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Partners: How to get your customers to buy more

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In a previous blog post we discussed how to get your customers to renew.  In this post we’re going to take a look some ideas to increase your customers order value by buying more.

Up-selling and cross selling are both examples of methods that you can use to get people to buy more. However both of these methods requires a proper process that should almost feel like a service in its own right.

There are also impulse purchases that we tend to buy when we’re at the checkout or queuing for the self service.

One of the best examples of up-selling and cross-selling is online retailer giant, Amazon.  Whenever you add an item to your baked you are presented by a “Customer also bought”.

Customers buy more

What follows is a series of suggestions that are normally a little more expensive than the original item.

If you then revisit your Amazon home page you will find that it is changed based on th products that you have recently bought.

Do they know about it?

If you don’t show the customer your product or service how do you expect them to buy it?  The importance is that you tell your client about your product or services and show them where they can buy it and more information about the product.  Ensure you send your clients a welcome e-mail that lists all the features and benefits that your services perform.


Being able to get it all in one location is always an attractive proposition to clients who don’t want to shop around.  If your core product is website hosting for smaller websites you can look to offer creative services such as banner or logo design, HTML emails etc.

Always ensure that you keep an eye on the market and adapt your business according to the requirements of your customer


Running monthly, quarterly or annual contracts will require the client to renew them at the time of prompting. Ensure you sell the benefits of renewing their contract with you and perhaps offer them a higher spec package at a reduced price.  This is also a good time to remind them of other services you offer.

Limited time

In the modern world we are all really busy, so don’t be surprised if your client doesn’t bite straight away.  You can create a sense of urgency and prompt a quick response by running the offer as a limited time offer.

Free taster

Minimise your clients risk by offering them a free taster of your services so you can demonstrate your value.  Not only will this get your foot under the table but it will also help your client make an informed buying decision.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing services such as annual reviews, PPC account management, month SEO sponsorship or monthly retainers are a great way to establish a gradual steady revenue stream and maintain a relationship with your client.  This ensure that whenever they are looking for work to be completed you are at the top of the pile.

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on 17th January 2017

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