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Digital Marketing

Building your website is just the first part of the process, once it’s online you’ve got to get people to come to you, digital marketing is the process of finding, acquiring and retaining your customers.  Whether you run an online store or a blog your website will need to obtain traffic and more importantly traffic that converts.

At E3 Digital we take the whole process of digital marketing and provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, this typically covers the following areas:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Organic (Free) SEO/SEM
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Analytics

The only way to achieve full digital success is to get all of these areas which we call cogs spinning.  It is pointless promoting a product online via social media if your landing pages are not optimised for conversion.  We handle the Internet Marketing Process in a very progressive manner:

Initial Consultation

We initially meet with you to discuss your needs, and what cogs you may already have spinning.  We listen to the objectives of your business for next 12 months and listen to you about your industry sector.


We research your industry to breaking point, we want to know who your competitors are, the target audience, where your audience is located.  Are they technophiles or beauty queens, are they single, married with children etc.  We carry out a full industry analysis and get as much information as we can.


Once we have understood your sector we come back to you for another meeting to discuss our findings and to put both our minds together to come up with a rough plan.  It is at this point we will draw on your business goals and begin to nail down the outline for a digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Management

Finally we get down to the real stuff, we begin to write up your strategy covering all of the areas above, tying it in with your own real world marketing plan and providing a comprehensive plan as well as a systematic schedule as to when each element will be implemented over the course of a 3, 6 or 12 month period.

The digital strategy can change, our view is always to try and for see any problems that could cause issues whilst implementing the strategy.  It is at this stage we will ask you how you want to proceed with your plan.

We understand that businesses want to control their digital marketing, however we’re also on hand to implement the marketing plan for you on a monthly basis.

Social Media Marketing

In 2012, long before setting up E3 Digital, we founded #BoostTorbay a localised hashtag for Torbay aimed at pushing and promoting the local businesses that make up Torbay.  The concept started from a meeting for a new localised loyalty card scheme that we wanted to launch in 2012.  Unfortunately due to the complexity of the scheme, it was decided that it would not be taken further.  However we were still left with the BoostTorbay Process which quickly became #BoostTorbay.

The concept quickly caught on, and people all over Torbay started to use #BoostTorbay in their social media posts.  The concept behind BoostTorbay has been and always will be to help promote the local area, its businesses and the visitors/customers that make Torbay what it is.  The content provided via BoostTorbay is done so without bias or political agenda.

To get involved in #BoostTorbay you can either visit our website, or you can join us throughout the week using #BoostTorbay on twitter.

If you’re looking for a more tailored approach to your social media, this is something that we are able to offer you.


On a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis we can provide you with a range of reports to help you make better decisions for your digital presence.  The best part of a digital strategy is that we can tweak it until we are happy with the results we are getting.

A digital strategy should change as your business grows and as such the analytics that we will provide you with will give you an idea as to when people are getting tired of your current topic and we’ll provide recommendations on how to get the conversation going again or alternatively pick a new topic to begin marketing.

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