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Website Development starts with good coding

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In the 21st Century it is said that e-commerce is dead and multi-channel is very much the way forward, so a professional mobile friendly website which converts is paramount to starting your multi-channel digital strategy.

Websites that get attention

Imagine having just three seconds to impress a potential customer that walks into your business. Three seconds to grab their attention and just three  seconds to show them your business is different. Three seconds is about the length of time a visitor is prepared to give your business to get its vital message across.

It is therefore paramount that you, with your digital presence, nail your primary message from the moment they land on your website, the issue is, and they won’t just be landing on your home page.  Most traffic will land on one of the many pages that make up your website, it is therefore in your best interests to ensure your entire website is optimised for your customers.


The first part to a successful website is engagement, your website must draw people in, it must tell people about your business, and demonstrate your unique selling proposition.  If you are already established consistency is key, no use having a green business card if the website is blue.  Your website must engage with your audience on a personal level, show them you are human.

One Message, One Page

You might be tempted to throw everything you have at your customers from your offers to email subscribe boxes and even as far as those annoying pop up boxes. Don’t!!

Remember less is more, so with each page keep your message simple, if its a product make it clear you want them to add a product to the cart, if its an email address you want put it somewhere prominent.

One Page, One message.


At the very end of the process your goal is to turn that visitor into a customer, visitors are brilliant for raising brand awareness but what really matters is the visitors that convert to customers, advocates and more.

E3 Digital can help ensure your website engages, provides a clear message and converts visitors to customers, you can find out more by calling us on 01803 411580 or contact using the contact form or e-mail us on

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