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Should I keep a blog?

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Yesterday saw the launch of the latest domain name extension, .blog.

Businesses, charities and individuals all keep blogs, they are kind of like diaries and are a great way to keep your website alive with fresh content.

The question, of whether or not you should keep a blog can be answered with one word, yes.

Writing a blog is easier than you think...

 Blog vs a website

Many moons ago, probably at the dawn of the World Wide Web, people asked the question is there a difference between a blog and a website.

We would say there is, a blog is effectively an online journal of entries, similar to how we write in a physical diary.

Where a website is an online marketing tool that houses, content, images, a blog, video and it’s sole purpose is to communicate a message to your audience.

That said, over the years these online journals have become a lot more that just a place to post what you have had dinner or what’s going on in your life.

Blogging Platforms

There are a whole host of platforms out there, from the likes of, Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr and more.

You could probably even use Facebook notes.

All of these platforms, give you a control panel, and set amount of storage space and you can get started pretty much in a matter of minutes.

Why should I blog?

Blogging is a great way to write fresh content, keep your customers up to date and its a great place to share news which wouldn’t fit onto a normal social media post.

Did we mention that blogging is also good for SEO?

Writing fresh content, that is your own, interesting and captivates the audiences attention will make the Google spiders and users a very happy bunch.

You should also blog to give you content with which you can then share via social media and begin the formation of a content strategy.

Ok I’m convinced now what? 

If your website is without a news section, or an area that is regularly being updated then you are missing out on both traffic and a new avenue with which to channel traffic to your business.

You will need to consider the following:

  • Where your blog sits within your digital marketing campaign?
  • Will it be a standalone or form part of your overall website?
  • How often do you intend to post?
  • Who will ensure proper usage and reliability of posting?

Once you’ve nailed down these factors you can then begin to look at putting together a content diary and begin posting on your blog.

Ensure you keep your postings regular and to a schedule that you can keep up with, diving in and doing a post today will not only see you burn out but also become overwhelmed.

Have a question?  We can help get your business writing posts and publishing fresh content to a schedule that suits you.  Give us a call on 01803 411580 or e-mail us on 

in Blogging
on 22nd November 2016

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